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BFCM Marketing tips 2019
BFCM marketing tip #1 - how to boost your SMS and push notification signups
BFCM marketing tip #1 - how to boost your SMS and push notification signups

Getting subscribers is the first step to getting more sales. Do this well in advance of BFCM and you'll reap the benefits. Learn more below.

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Welcome to the first installment in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) marketing series. We want to help you make the most of upcoming major shopping holiday so you can drive more sales for your store. First tip focuses on getting more SMS and push notification subscribers - because the more you have of these, the more successful your BFCM marketing campaign will be.

BFCM marketing tip #1 - how to boost your SMS and push notification signups

Start now!

First of all, if you’re not already collecting these types of subscribers, now is the time to start!  

Create a beautiful signup form

Tailor your signup form to include your store’s branding (colors, fonts, and style). The idea is to make your signup form stand out, for all the right reasons. It shouldn’t be intrusive, but it needs to be attractive.

Where to display a signup form

You can start getting SMS and push notification sign-ups by displaying a signup box not just on your homepage, but also on any product page within your store that receives heavy traffic. Back in stock and price drop alerts work well to encourage signups. Make sure these are activated on your product pages so subscribers can register for this type of alert (and other marketing notifications).

Consider also including a popup signup form that appears upon exit intent. This strategy, used in conjunction with some kind of special offer, can really grab attention and increase your subscription rates. Read our FAQs about subscribers here.
Offer an incentive to attract signups

An incentive, like a discount, free shipping, a free gift or a chance to win a prize can work wonders in attracting new signups.

Test your signup forms

Carry out A/B split testing on your signup forms to see which ones perform the best. Tweak the colors, fonts, messaging and location of your popup boxes and monitor your conversions closely.

Further reading 

To learn how web push notifications, SMS and Messenger marketing can drastically increase your BFCM sales, check out this Black Friday Guide 2019 on the Firepush blog.

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