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BFCM Marketing tips 2019
BFCM marketing tip #2 - getting your BFCM marketing message frequency right
BFCM marketing tip #2 - getting your BFCM marketing message frequency right

Send too few BFCM marketing messages and you may not get the desired results. Too many means annoyed customers. Here's the right balance.

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We’ll cover exactly how many marketing messages you should send during the Black Friday sales period. 

We’ve analyzed Firepush data from Black Friday 2018 campaigns which resulted in almost one million orders for our users. From this data, we know that bounce rates are typically low over the Black Friday weekend, not just for SMS and web push notifications, but also for Facebook Messenger too (check out our Tobi app for that). 

These low bounce rates mean that you can get away with sending additional marketing messages during this time, above and beyond what you normally send out.

The Black Friday pre-sale period - Fri Nov 8th to Thurs Nov 28th

Send out three or four push notifications/SMS messages in addition to your usual output. Two should focus on encouraging interested prospects to sign up for early bird BFCM deals. The others should link to blogs on your store website (those blogs should contain a link to your sales page). 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Fri Nov 29th to Mon Dec 2nd

During the holiday sale itself, it should be perfectly acceptable to send several marketing messages promoting your discounted products. We recommend a total of eleven messages during this period.

Post Black Friday holiday sale period - Tues Dec 3rd to Sun Dec 8th

The aim of this stage of your campaign is to boost your profitability following the Black Friday weekend. Here you should promote your best-selling “hero” product with just a small discount on the regular retail price. During this period, we recommend sending out six messages. 

Further reading

Do check out our detailed Black Friday marketing guide which explains all the data we’ve analyzed from last year and provides plenty more tips you can use to boost your sales this BFCM. In case you need further convincing of just how effective push notifications can be, we’ve just published a case study from one of our clients, InkedShop. It details how they’re using push notifications to double the sales they achieved from Google and Facebook Ads.

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