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BFCM marketing tip #3 - which channels perform the best during Black Friday
BFCM marketing tip #3 - which channels perform the best during Black Friday

Learn which channels achieve the best conversion and click-through rates ahead of your BCFM marketing campaigns.

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The information contained here is a summary of data we’ve analyzed from the Firepush app during Black Friday 2018 and it will help us to explain which marketing channels perform the best in terms of conversions and click-throughs over the Black Friday weekend. 

The best channel for conversions

Overall, web push notifications perform the best over the Black Friday weekend. All channels averaged a conversion rate of above 5%, but web push notifications lead the way at 7.2%.



The best channel for click-throughs

Messenger performs the best for click-throughs with a rate of 8.6%, followed closely by SMS at 7.9%.


An omnichannel approach works best

Interestingly, different channels perform better on different days. This could be down to how different generations engage. Our data shows us that it’s best to:

  • Focus on web pushes and Facebook Messenger on Black Friday.

  • Use SMS on Saturday.

  • Use Messenger on Sunday.

  • Use all three channels on Cyber Monday.

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