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BFCM marketing tip #4 - the best days/times to send BFCM marketing messages
BFCM marketing tip #4 - the best days/times to send BFCM marketing messages

Follow these precise timings when sending out your BFCM marketing campaigns. They're based on data insights and will help you get results.

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We’ll arm you with the knowledge of exactly when you should send out your BFCM marketing messages in terms of specific dates and times.

The Black Friday pre-sale period - Fri Nov 8th to Thurs Nov 28th

As mentioned in BFCM marketing tip #2, we recommend sending out three or four messages during this time. Specifically, send them as follows:

  • Message 1 – between 8th and 15th November

  • Message 2 – between 15th and 21st November

  • Message 3 – between 21st and 24th November

  • Message 4 – between 25th and 28th November

 Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Fri Nov 29th to Mon Dec 2nd

During the Black Friday weekend, send out eleven messages. Times are important here. Send them out as follows:

  • Four on Black Friday (use web push notifications and Messenger)

09:00 – Send your first 2 messages (one to your early bird subscriber list and the other to your entire list).

14:00 – This is the start of the busiest shopping time. 

18:00 – This is peak shopping time. Send your final message of the day.

  • Two on Saturday November 30th (use SMS)

12:00 – Send your first message. 

16:00 – Send you second message. 

  • One on Sunday December 1st (use Messenger)

12:00 - send your message at midday.

  • Three on Cyber Monday (use all three channels)

10:00 – Send your first message. 

15:00 – This is the start of the busiest shopping time on Cyber Monday. 

19:00 – This is peak shopping time on Cyber Monday, and it’s also the end of the Black Friday weekend.

The eleventh message should be your abandoned cart reminders - make sure these are activated in advance so you can retarget shoppers who leave items in their cart automatically.

Post Black Friday holiday sale period - Tues Dec 3rd to Sun Dec 8th

Six messages should be sent out during this time - spread them out across the above-mentioned dates. Don’t send more than two messages in a single day, however.

Further reading

Read out detailed Black Friday marketing guide. It’s also worth making sure you’re planning ahead for other key shopping holiday dates - refer to our e-commerce checklist and calendar for this.

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