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BFCM Marketing tips 2019
BFCM marketing tip #7 - get your store SEO ready for your BFCM campaign!
BFCM marketing tip #7 - get your store SEO ready for your BFCM campaign!

This article sets out how to make your store SEO-ready ahead of BFCM - one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year.

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If you’ve been following our marketing tips this far, you should almost be ready to launch your BFCM campaign! But before you do, take some time to make sure your store is completely ready for the influx of shoppers about to come your way. 

BFCM marketing tip #7 - get your store SEO ready for your BFCM campaign!

Our final marketing tip explains how to make sure your site is fast and responsive so when potential buyers land there, they won’t be put off by slow-loading images or have difficulty navigating your store. You’ll also learn how to optimize your site for SEO, so that people searching online have a better chance of finding you in organic search results.

Reduce your image file sizes

To make the most of BFCM, your store needs to fly! Large, unoptimized images are often the culprits behind a slow loading website. We recommend you reduce the size of your image files on product and collection pages, your homepage plus those that are on your blog. The TinyIMG app will optimize your images quickly and automatically at the click of a button, which is ideal if you’re busy trying to put your BFCM campaign together.

Improve your Shopify site’s SEO

There are many elements to search engine optimization. One of them is making sure you’re targeting the right keywords and then including them within your product page titles, descriptions and meta fields. Another is making sure your site’s structure is easy to navigate, by keeping categories and subcategories simple enough to allow search engine bots to crawl the pages effectively. 

You should also pay close attention to image SEO, so that your images may also be found by search engines. The image optimisation app helps with image SEO too. It automatically generates image alt text and image titles - these can boost your search engine rankings. 

Carry out content marketing

Search engines love fresh content. So if you have a store blog, update it frequently between now and the Black Friday weekend. Write about product benefits, detail new product information, create a customer case study, collate your most recent testimonials or put together a gift guide especially for BCFM or Christmas.

 Further reading

Images are crucial, even more so as we near BFCM. Find out how to create highly-converting images as part of your BFCM campaign in this post from the TinyIMG blog. Finally, if you’re new to e-commerce SEO, this beginner’s guide on the Shopify blog is very helpful.

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