Configuring Email Settings
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The settings tab allows you to change and apply settings to your whole email. Here are a few things that your Firepush editor settings tab allows you to alter with just a few clicks:

  • Content area width: Changing the content area width allows you to optimize how your email will be displayed on different devices. Generally, this comes into action when the user views your email on a screen larger than your current width. Choosing the right content area width will ensure that your content isn’t stretched out of proportion.

  • Content area alignment: Just like in other word processing software, the content alignment allows you to choose where your content is aligned: left, right, or center. ***

  • Background color: Use this setting to apply a background color for the whole email. You will be able to change background colors more locally using the custom settings of a content block or row.

  • Content area background color: The content area corresponds to the space you’ve specified in the content area width. This setting allows you to control its color.

  • Default font: For continuity, you may choose to use one default font throughout your email. Just like with the background color, you can change fonts in specific content blocks using the custom settings.

Link color: To help links stand out in your email, they’ll be shown in a different color. You can choose this color in your settings tab.

*** An added feature to the Firepush Editor allows you to align your whole email to the left. This is a great way to create a more personalized email for your subscribers.

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