How Do I Select Rows Over Content?

Selecting rows over content in Firepush email editor

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Rows and content allow you to personalize and optimize your email. While rows allow you to structure your email, content blocks enable you to add different elements such as text and images.

Here we’ll talk you through how to select and edit a row or content block.


When you hover your cursor over a content block, the Firepush editor will show you a cross-arrow icon that allows you to move that content to your desired position.

When you see the cross-arrow icon, you can click on the content to access different custom options.

The first option will let you remove and copy that particular content block.

The second option will give you access to the block’s settings panel where you can edit its properties.


To access similar options for a row, you’ll need to move your cursor over an area that has no content and click.

This will bring up the same cross-arrow icon, allowing you to move the row somewhere else.

Similarly to the content block, you’ll then have a few options:

Firstly, you can choose to deselect any block of content. This will allow you to change the settings for a specific group of content blocks.

Secondly, you can, remove or clone the entire row.

Lastly, you will be able to access the panel editor which will allow you to change any of the row’s properties.

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