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Adding a menu in your email with Firepush email builder

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Adding a menu to your email on the Firepush editor can act as a handy navigation tool for your users.

Luckily, doing this is relatively easy. Simply find your way to the menu block in the content tab. Once you’ve found the menu button, click and drag it onto your template. To add new menu items, simply click on the ‘add a new item’ tab which you’ll be able to find in the content properties area.

Firepush email builder - adding a menu

Once you’ve added a menu item, you can then go on to change the settings for each one.

These include changing the:

  • Text shown in the menu

  • Link type (webpage, email, phone number)

  • URL

  • Target (if the link will open a new browser window)

  • Title (a secondary text that appears when you hover over the menu item)

In the same window, you’ll also be able to reorder menu items by dragging on the four-line icon.

Firepush email builder - editing menu

To access advanced properties for the menu, you’ll need to scroll down in the editor sidebar. Here you can change your menu layout to horizontal or vertical or add a text separator.

Firepush email builder - advanced menu options

Take a look at this example of a menu created with the Firepush editor:

Firepush email builder - menu example

Adding a mobile menu to your email

Please note that mobile menus won’t be compatible with all devices.

To make your email even more user-friendly, you can configure the menu into a mobile menu. You can find this option in the content properties menu.

Firepush email builder - mobile menu switch

By turning on the mobile menu option, you’ll enable a ‘hamburger menu’. This is a menu that can be expanded by the user with a simple click. The colour, size and shape of this menu can be changed in the properties menu.

Check out the menu in action here:

Firepush email builder - mobile menu in action

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