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How to use history feature in Firepush email builder

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Introducing the new undo, redo, and email history feature that will change the way you create emails on the Firepush Editor.

You can use these new features in any application that uses the Firepush editor, including Firepush Free and Firepush Pro.

Creating an email with the Firepush editor just got a whole lot easier. Now, using the history feature that notes all your changes, you can rewind or fast forward to any point in your recent change history.

As soon as you make an edit to your email, you’ll notice an ‘undo’ widget appears in the bottom left hand corner of the editor.

Firepush email builder - undo redo history

With this widget, you can do three things:

  • Undo any accidental changes you might have made

  • Redo any edits that you’ve previously undone

  • Access a timeline of the latest changes to your email (see below)

Firepush email builder - undo in action

History of changes

This timeline of changes allows you to go through the most recent edits to your email, allowing you to access a precise moment in your editing history with ease.

For each edit you make, the timeline will show:

  • An icon that identifies the type of change that was made

  • A description of the change

  • The exact time the change was made

Undo and Redo

When you select the undo button, you’ll be able to access your 15 most recent changes in your current session.

Please note: that this feature does not remember changes that happened during a different session. However, you can use the ‘email opened’ step to rewind to the beginning.

When you select the redo button, it will undo any changes you have made with the undo button.

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