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How to apply borders to content blocks in Firepush email builder

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In the Firepush editor, you’ll find some elements that allow you to set borders. You can apply the same border to all sides or for each side individually. This added level of flexibility gives you the freedom to achieve the look you’d like in your email.

When you create an email with two or more columns, you’ll be given the option to edit the border for each column.

To do this, you’ll need to click outside of the area of the content to select the entire row. On the right-hand side, an editor will pop up displaying the settings for each individual column.

To edit the properties of an individual column, first, you’ll need to select it.

In the editor, you’ll find the properties of the column and different ways to change it. To edit the column border, first, you’ll need to choose which side you want to edit. Then you can specify the style, size, and color of your borders.

Firepush mail builder - working with borders

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