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How to edit layout using columns in Firepush email builder

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Now available for all Firepush Pro plans, these new column management tools will help you to take complete creative control over your emails.

These new features allow you to:

  • Use resizeable columns

  • Individually adjust the size of each column

  • Add or remove a column

How does column management work?

If you’ve already used the Firepush editor, you might already be used to adding a row and choosing how many columns you’ll need.

Now, using the properties panel on the right-hand side, you can adjust the size of each column by dragging the divider icon. Using the same tab, you can also add extra columns or delete those you don’t want.

Firepush email builder - adjusting columns

How to add a column?

To add a new column, you’ll simply need to click on the ‘+add new’ button within a specific row.

When you do this in the Firepush editor, the new column will always appear on the far right of a row. This will then automatically reduce the columns on the left.

If the column on the left is already at its minimum possible width, the Firepush editor will automatically try and find the best solution by resizing other columns in the same row.

Once you’ve reached the maximum number of columns in each row (six) you’ll notice that the ‘+ add new’ button will disappear.

How to remove a column?

When you hover over a column in your email, you’ll find a series of action buttons that pop up in the top right-hand corner. One of these is the delete button. Simply click on this button to make your column (and its contents) disappear.

When you delete a column, the nearest column to its left will take on its width. If there is no column on its left, the width will be given to the column on the right instead.

When there is only one column in play, you won’t be able to delete it.

Before you start designing your perfect email on the Firepush editor, there are a few things worth knowing:

  • You will not be able to rearrange the order of the columns.

  • If you delete a column by accident, you can use the undo feature to restore it.

  • You cannot specify the width in pixels, only using column numbers.

There is still a minimum and a maximum number of columns you have to include in your email. In any email, you can have a maximum of six columns, and a minimum of two, allowing you to build rows that may look something like this:

Firepush email builder - column proportions

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