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Hiding Content on Mobile or Desktop Devices
Hiding Content on Mobile or Desktop Devices

How to hide content blocks on mobile devices

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Thanks to a new Firepush editor update, you can now use a handy toggle feature to hide content on mobile or desktop devices.

You can do this by navigating your way to the properties panel of a content block, and finding the ‘hide on’ toggle bar.

To hide content when an email is opened on a desktop device simply choose ‘hide on desktop'. Alternatively - to hide content when an email is opened on a mobile device simply choose ‘hide on mobile’.

Firepush email builder - hide on devices feature

Optimizing for mobile

Sometimes, an email that looks great on a desktop, doesn’t always work with the restrictions of a mobile device. An easy way to make sure all of your email content looks great on both mobile and desktop devices is to optimise and hide content using the Firepush editor.

This is a proven tactic to help improve user readability and email conversion rates.

Content Block Options

Every single content block you come across in the Firepush editor includes a ‘hide on’ setting in its properties panel. To access this, you’ll need to click on the sidebar and scroll down until you find the block options setting. Once you’ve changed your settings, remember to preview your email by selecting the mobile view. You’ll notice that the content blocks you’ve chosen to hide won’t be visible.


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