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Why does text lose its formatting in the Firepush editor?
Why does text lose its formatting in the Firepush editor?

How to use text formatting in Firepush email builder

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What’s the issue?

Sometimes, when you’re creating an email in the Firepush editor, your text loses its formatting. This usually happens when you highlight text within a content block, delete it, and then start typing. Unfortunately, the new text will not have the previous text formatting.

Why does this happen?

Contrary to popular opinion, this is not a bug in the Firepush editor, but a deliberate feature of it.

We use a rich text editor called TinyMCE for our text content blocks. Its default behavior is as follows:

  1. When there is just one paragraph of text in a block, the formatting will be lost if all of the text is deleted.

  2. When there are two paragraphs of text, and just one paragraph is deleted, the formatting will not be lost.

Firepush email builder - text formating

How to avoid the problem?

While there is no complete solution to the problem, there are ways to work around it. When you’re replacing text with new text in a content block you have two options:

  1. Don’t remove the entirety of the text in the paragraph. Simply keep one letter, type your new text and then remove the text that you don’t want to be there.

  2. Before you delete anything, press enter to create a new paragraph. Even though the second paragraph is empty, it will still retain the formatting of the text.

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