Adding a background image to your emails

How to add background image to your emails in Firepush email builder

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What options do you have?

Repeating a pattern is one of the most effective ways to create an eye-catching background. Alternatively, you can use a single background image or color to cover the whole width of the email.

Where can you find the row background image section?

To make these changes you’ll need to navigate your way to the row background image section. You can do this by selecting the row you’d like to add a background to, and scrolling down in the row properties panel.

Selecting the image

When you choose to enable this background feature, you can upload a background image using the Firepush file manager. Simply click on the ‘change image’ button to upload a new photo. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the image URL into the box to use an image that is hosted elsewhere.

Full Width, Repeat, and Centre

These three settings will help you to align your background image so that it fits with your email design.

If you select the full-width option, your chosen image will be used as a background for the entire width of the row. When this option isn’t selected, the background image will only be applied to the content area. You can change the width of this specified area by using the settings in the properties tab.

If you select the repeat tick box, your chosen image will be repeated across the background of your email. You can select the repeat option along with the full-width option if you want to continue the pattern across the width of the whole row. The pattern will be repeated both vertically and horizontally.

When you select the center option, your chosen image will be centered in your email. When you couple this with the repeat option, the image will be centered and then repeated left and right. If you repeat without centering the image too, your chosen image will be put in the top-left corner of the row and repeated to the right.

To understand how these settings work both independently and in conjunction with each other, try uploading an image and having a play around. This will give you a better idea of how it all works together.

Firepush email builder - background image

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