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How to edit image properties in your emails
How to edit image properties in your emails

Editing image properties in Firepush email builder

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Editing images within the Firepush editor is another great way to customize your emails. Firstly, you’ll need to upload an image into your email.

Once you’ve got an image in your template, click on it to reveal the content properties tab on the right-hand side.

Here, you’ll find a series of different settings that you can change, including the following:

  • Change image. Click on this button to replace the image with another image using your file manager.

  • Apply effects & more. This button will load the image editing tool that allows you to perform basic edits such as resizing, cropping, and adding filters.

  • URL. If you’d like to use an image that is hosted elsewhere, copy and paste its URL into this space.

  • Dynamic image. Turn this setting on or off depending on whether you’d like to create a dynamic image.

  • Auto width. Turning this setting on will automatically fill the content area with the image.

  • Align. This setting allows you to change the positioning of your image.

  • Alternate text. Choose the text you’d like to see when the images are turned off by users.

  • Action. You can make your images a hyperlink by linking them to a URL, a telephone number, or to another section of the email.

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