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My emails goes to SPAM folder. What to do?
My emails goes to SPAM folder. What to do?

Learn why some of your emails might go to spam when you first start sending campaigns with Firepush - and how IP warming can help.

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Tasks you should do before sending bulk email campaigns:

  • Read this blog post to understand why IP warming is important for email deliverability.

  • Clean your existing database to remove email addresses that contain errors or subscribers that haven’t interacted with your campaigns for more than 6 months. Tools you might want to use to clean you your email list include Neverbounce, EmailListVerify or Bounceless.

  • Filter your subscribers according to whether they are active or inactive.

  • Out of your active subscribers, segment them into smaller groups, for example, those who have made a purchase or left items in their shopping cart.

  • Start by emailing small groups of subscribers, while you build upon the reputation of your new IP address. Don’t send an email blast to your entire list.

  • Claim your 100K FREE emails deal to get even better value from your Firepush campaigns.

Why I need to do all of this?

When you start using a new email provider, your IP address is new - even though your domain name remains the same.

This means that although email service providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others, will recognise you, they’ll treat your IP address as new.  

What’s more, these email service providers track everything. They know how many emails you’ve sent previously, what your bounce rate is, how many complaints you get - even down to the type of content you’re sending. 

Why is that important to know?
Well, if anything changes (like your IP address), some of your emails will, unfortunately, go to spam.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to combat the effects of changing your email provider. This involves “warming up” your IP address and building your domain reputation.

Read this blog post which explains why IP warming is crucial for email deliverability, and how to go about warming up your IP address.

To get started with IP warming, clean your email list prior to sending emails. That means checking your list for inactive or out-of-date contacts and deleting them.

Doing this also helps you to reduce your bounce rate when you do send out email campaigns. 

You should start by only sending emails to subscribers that have recently engaged (for example, those who have just subscribed, or recently made a purchase or abandoned their cart).

You can evolve to sending out campaigns to your wider list later. Use the filters that Firepush provides and filter out only those who are active. 

It’s important to do this so that the people receiving your emails remember you.
Don’t email your entire list in one go.
Sending emails out in small batches helps to warm up your IP address. When email service providers get used to seeing emails from your new IP address, you can build up the number of emails you’re sending out.

If you follow these suggestions, eventually your stats will increase. For the best results, you’ll want to keep your bounce rate below 5.00% and your spam complaint rate below 0.05% as these are industry standards.

Also, make sure you’ve claimed your 100k FREE emails deal so you can send emails with Firepush for FREE. 

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