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How to create a Firebase project for your Firepush account
How to create a Firebase project for your Firepush account

Need to import your existing subscribers to Firepush? You can do this by setting up a Firebase project - here's how.

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Firepush uses Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to enable you to export your existing subscribers over to the Firepush app. If you’d like to do this, you’ll need to set up your own FCM project and add some key information into your Firepush account settings. Below you’ll find instructions on how to do this or you can watch this video.

1. Create a Firebase project

Firstly, head over to Firebase Console and click on ‘Add project’. Give your project a name, for example, your store name. Accept the terms and conditions checkbox and click on ‘Continue’. Click on ‘Continue’ again on the next screen about Google Analytics.

There you’ll be prompted to choose or create a Google Analytics account. Click ‘Create project’ when you’ve done that.

2. Import Firebase sender ID, server key and project ID

Once you’re inside the Firebase dashboard, click on ‘Project settings’ which is located via the settings icon at the top left of your screen.

Click on ‘Cloud Messaging’. Then click on the icon next to your sender ID to copy it to your clipboard. Go to the Firepush app and enter this in the field called ‘Messaging Sender ID’ in the FCM section of ‘App Settings.’ See below:

Go back to Firebase and copy the server key which is located above your sender ID. Paste that into the field labelled ‘Legacy server key’ in the Firepush App Settings.

Finally, locate the ‘General’ tab in Firebase (under Settings next to Cloud Messaging). Highlight your project ID with your cursor, then copy and paste it where prompted in the field labelled ‘Firebase project ID’ in the FCM section in Firepush. Click ‘Save changes’ once you’re finished.



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