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How to create effective SMS campaigns that will grab attention
How to create effective SMS campaigns that will grab attention

Text messages naturally have an excellent open rate, but there's lots you can do to make your SMS campaigns stand out from the crowd.

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SMS marketing is very effective, particularly as text messages typically have a very high open rate. In order to make the most of your SMS campaigns, follow these best practice tips below - by doing these things, you’ll have a good chance of capturing the attention of your customers and making them click through to your Shopify store.

1. Send one SMS only

Don’t be tempted to send a series of text messages to your customers explaining about your special offer or product promotion. One carefully crafted and targeted text message is enough to make your customers sit up and take notice. SMS is one of the more expensive marketing channels to use and extra messages won’t necessarily generate twice the results. Note that one SMS messages have a limit of 160 characters.

2. Personalize your SMS campaigns

Use your customer’s first name within your text message copy. This ensures your message speaks directly to the recipient and will lead to better conversions. This also helps you to develop stronger relationships with customers, helping them to feel more valued.

3. Avoid emojis if you’re short on space

Emojis take up twice as many characters as text (remember you only have 160 characters to play with). So while it’s a good idea to incorporate emojis into your SMS campaign to grab attention, use them sparingly, especially if you have an important message to get across to your customers.

Example SMS campaign

Here’s an example of an SMS campaign that works to grab attention:

👜 Bag a bargain [NAME] with 30% off all handbags this weekend only! Grab this code: SALE30 and get a FREE gift too! [STORE URL]

If you need any help in setting up SMS campaigns, please reach out via the in-app chat.

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