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How to segment your subscribers for Firepush SMS campaigns
How to segment your subscribers for Firepush SMS campaigns

Segmenting your Firepush SMS subscribers means you can send out highly targeted and relevant campaigns. Here's what you need to do.

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Firepush provides you with several useful data filters so you can drill down into subscriber shopping behaviors and send highly targeted SMS campaigns that will increase engagement and conversions.

By understanding where your subscribers are in their customer journey, you can send highly targeted and relevant SMS communications to them. In other words, you can get the right products and marketing messaging in front of them, at the right time. 

Filter settings in Firepush SMS campaigns

It’s now possible to filter your subscriber database by the following criteria:

  • Money spent

  • Number of orders

  • Placed an order

  • Didn’t place an order

  • Data created

  • Abandoned cart

  • Tagged with

  • Not tagged with

  • Located in

  • Growth Tools

  • Clicked on SMS messages

Please see the screenshot below for what these filters look like in your dashboard.

Example situation

Let’s say that you’re running a sale in your store and you want to send a reminder out by text message to those subscribers that haven’t yet made a purchase. 

Using Firepush SMS filters, you can segment your list by those that didn’t place an order - and you can also set a timeframe as a secondary filter - for example in the last 24 hours. So you can send a highly relevant SMS campaign to those subscribers only, perhaps offering an extra discount or free shipping to tempt them to buy.

Doing this also means that you won’t be bombarding subscribers who have already purchased something in your sale with another text message.

Watch this video for more details on how Firepush SMS filters work.

Pro tip!

Increase your ROI further by excluding countries you don’t sell or deliver to. Use the ‘Located in’ SMS filter to do this.

If you need any support in setting up Firepush SMS filters, please reach out to our support team via the in-app chat.

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