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How to fix the privacy policy page display error
How to fix the privacy policy page display error

Is your privacy policy page displaying incorrectly after you've added privacy policy text to the checkout page? Here's how to fix it.

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If you’ve added privacy policy text to your checkout page, you may see an error in the way that the text is displayed on your privacy policy page. 

This is a well-known error, and it can be easily fixed, without removing the privacy policy text from your checkout page. You’ll just need to create a separate privacy policy page within your Shopify store. Simply follow the steps below to learn how to do this or watch this quick video tutorial.

Step 1: create a new page for your privacy policy

  • Visit ‘Settings’ and then navigate to ‘Legal’. 

  • Scroll down to ‘Privacy policy’, select all the text within that box and copy it. 

  • Click on ‘Online store’ and then ‘Pages’. 

  • Create a new page by clicking ‘Add page’. 

  • Add a title such as ‘Privacy policy’ and then paste the content you just copied into the ‘Content’ box. 

  • Click on ‘Save’.

Step 2: replace your navigation menu button

  • Next, go to ‘Navigation’ and click on ‘Add menu item’ and give the button a name, e.g. Privacy policy. 

  • Then, make the button link to the right page by selecting the new page you’ve just created in the ‘Link’ box. 

  • Click ‘Add’ to finish.

  • Make sure to delete your previous menu button, so visitors can’t access the other page (with the display error).

When you’ve done the above, you’ll effectively have two privacy policy pages - the one that you’ve just created and the one that is generated because of the privacy policy text on your checkout page. 

As long as you hide the original page and make sure your menu button navigates to the new page you’ve set up, your customers will be able to see your privacy policy displayed properly. And they’ll still see the privacy policy text at checkout too.

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