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Boost email campaign

The Campaign Booster feature gives you a 2nd chance to reach customers who skipped the first campaign.

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Campaign Booster is a feature for email campaigns that give your marketing a second chance. If customers or subscribers skipped your email campaign for the first time round this feature allows you to try grabbing their attention with a follow up email.

Before you begin

  • Your Campaign can only be boosted once and must be done within 48 hours of sending your initial email.

  • Our Campaign Booster feature is available only on Basic, PRO and Enterprise plans. Full information can be found at Firepush pricing.

All About Campaign Booster

Campaign Booster schedules and sends emails automatically. Once enabled, campaigns are re-sent 48 hours after the initial Campaign to all customers or subscribers who did not open the initial email. Emails contain exactly the same content as your original Campaign in order to save you time setting the feature up.

The same Campaign with a different Subject line is displayed as a top result in the customer inbox for the second time.

Getting your timing right

Campaign Booster automatically re-sends emails with a different subject line after a 48 hours time limit has been reached.

Enabling Campaign Booster

To enable Campaign Booster when setting up a new campaign, simply click on Boost your email campaign after completing the subject for the second automatic email. We suggest using a completely different subject line for the boosted version. This way, you will avoid appearing to repeat your message and annoying your customer or subscriber.

How to Cancel Campaign Booster

If your initial campaign has been already sent, you can deactivate any scheduled Boosted emails here:

If the initial campaign hasn’t been sent, simply untick the “Boost your email campaign” checkbox and click SAVE.

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