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How can I select the most relevant push notifications for my store?
How can I select the most relevant push notifications for my store?

Learn which push notifications to activate as a priority in order to get the best results for your Shopify store.

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We truly believe that you would benefit most from activating all FirePush notifications.

However, our experience from other Shopify stores show that to collect subscribers you should start with the Welcome push with Auto-prompt messages.

Auto-prompt message has by far the best conversion rate for gathering new subscribers, it’s about 30% - so it really help drive up those subscriber numbers and get you started.

After you have 100 subscribers you then start using Promo Pushes, which are promotional pushes that you can send to all of your subscribers offering them special deals etc. This is a great way of reaching out to all of your subscribers at once, especially if you have a large subscriber base.

Of course you should also always use Abandoned Cart Pushes.

These pushes are sent to customers who have left an abandoned cart in your store as reminders of the great offer they have left at the checkout.

There are three individually timed abandoned cart pushes, which are sent at 20 min., 1 and 24 hours after abandonment and it is recommended that you use all three.

These 3 messages are a great place to start but to really optimise your sales potential, you should use all of the pushes on offer. 

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