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Learn why you should set up 'price drop' push notifications for your Shopify store.

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Everybody loves lower prices. Price drop pushes are sent to subscribers based on what they have told you they want. What better way to drive sales than by showing your customer that not only do you know what they like, you also want to give it to them for a lower price.

Need more convincing? The click rate for Price Drop pushes is a huge 24% 

Firepush tracks Shopify’s content management system, so as soon as you click save on a price drop in your shop, we’ll automatically send a message alerting all your push subscribers of this discount.

And to give you a better idea of what products are ripe for discounting, we’ll provide you with reports on your top sellers.

Once you have installed price drop pushes you’ll find that sign up boxes for them will appear on all of your product pages.

Looking for an alternative to signup boxes?

If you feel that your site is becoming too cluttered with popups, you can choose to embed uniquely styled signup boxes into your page.

So, instead of looking like this:

They will look like this:

These embedded signup messages deliver exactly the same great results as sign up boxes but have the benefit of being integrated into your page. This functionality is only available in our Advanced package as it requires some additional support.

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