Welcome push with autoprompt message

Learn how to set up a welcome push with an autoprompt message to welcome new subscribers to your Shopify store.

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The Welcome Pushes look like this and they appear when your customer subscribes to Firepush using Auto-prompt message.  

With a 30% conversion rate, Auto-prompt messages are the best way to collect new subscribers for your pushes. So it is important that you start using them as soon as you have installed the Firepush App. Watch a video how to set up welcome push notifications.

Remember, before you can start to use Auto-prompt messages, you’ll first need to make sure:

If SSL is not activated, and/or your password setting has not been removed Firepush will automatically activate Sign Up box.

This will will not deliver the same high subscription rates as Auto-prompt Messages.

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If you feel that your site is becoming too cluttered with popups, you can choose to embed uniquely styled signup boxes into your page.

So, instead of looking like this:

They will look like this:

These embedded signup messages deliver exactly the same great results as sign up boxes but have the benefit of being integrated into your page. This functionality is only available in our Advanced package as it requires some additional support. 

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