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Explain how the customer will receive messages (Step 2)
Explain how the customer will receive messages (Step 2)

How to clearly explain what marketing messages your customer is likely to receive from you, in accordance with TCPA compliance.

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To do this, visit:

Settings > Checkout and scroll to the Checkout language area.

Click on Manage checkout language.

Look for Accept marketing checkbox label via search or scroll down until you find Checkout marketing

In the field labeled Accept marketing checkbox label, copy the text below and paste it into the box where prompted:

English: I agree to receive marketing text messages and emails from [BRAND_NAME]

German: Ich bin damit einverstanden, Marketing-Textnachrichten und -E-Mails von [BRAND_NAME] zu erhalten

French: J'accepte de recevoir des textos et des emails marketing de [BRAND_NAME]


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